Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reject to Reframe

Good bye REJECT!
This is a rejected piece that I had jammed under my work table so no one else could see it.  I'm embarrassed to even show it now.   Two years ago it was originally dyed after applying potato dextrin resist.  Then I went at it with textile paints and markers, then did some machine quilting.  At that point I was totally disgusted with it and tossed it under the table.  I didn't throw it in the garbage because there were small bits of it I still liked. 

After reading about cutting up your rejects on the SAQA yahoo group I decided I was ready to give it a go.  I was unsure what to do because I had already quilted it so it was kind of thick to piece back together.  I solved that problem by not joining any of the quilted pieces to each other. 

This is my result.  It really looks better in person, you can't see the part I like the best, which is the light strips that go vertically.  They look like a topographical map from  the potato dextrin resist area.  


Diane Wright said...

That's an inspired solution! Good job.

Ellen said...

WOW! Bravo for being brave enough to cut this up. The darker fabrics that you added really make the original strips pop out.

Trish B said...

Brilliant and courageous! I've been thinking of taking apart a small piece-in-progress and also one that sits rolled up after not selling at a gallery. I like parts but not the whole.

Think I'll take the plunge & see what I can come up with - thanks for the inspiration!

Elaine Millar said...

WOW! Pat. Very nice.
The value changes and the greyed shades of the darker colors really make the whole piece much more interesting as whole.

Well done.

tracy said...

Hi mom,

Your finished product looks nice, but I didn't mind your original piece either.

Love ya!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

This has totally transformed your original work. It was a risk to cut it up (yikes!) but Wow! What a success.

Rayna said...

There is no comparison - this redo is wonderful!