Saturday, March 17, 2012

Clyde, our new golden doodle.

Clyde 'before'

This is Clyde "after" he's been to a three hour beauty appointment
Clyde is our new golden doodle puppy, he's 3 1/2 months old.  We are in the process of housetraining and kennel training.  Our first night wasn't horrible and he's getting the hang of the kennel.  His first day with us was really excellent, I think because he was so 'pooped' from his long car ride and 3 hour beauty appointment.  The night went pretty well, he didn't get up until 3am to go out and then went back to sleep for a couple hours. 

Today we had several potty accidents in the house, but we went for two walks around the block and he's taken a couple of good naps.  Whoever said this was like having a new baby  absolutely right!  Wish us luck.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Door County Retreat - The Best Of

Spending time with youngest daughter who is now a modern quilter with a great color sense.

Being with my friends laughing our heads off, note the pointy head ornaments?  These are heavenly head massage implements.  Ahhhhh!  Thanks Jacqi.

Tablemate Rhonda asked us all to dress/create a clothespin to represent ourselves (to be used as Christmas tree ornaments) so she could be surrounded by her friends at Christmas.   This one is by Ellen Dior Polenske, not quite the finished product, AGAIN the Overachiever! 

Some of my favorite projects:  A Cuties tangering zipper pouch made from a Cuties label, Cheetohs bag turned into a reusable zipper pouch, another velco snack bag,

A Spools free bird pattern I found through Pinterest,

Scrap quilt I made for husband from flannel scraps and lined with hand dyed IKEA black and white fabric with writing of numbers on it. 

Marty the Martian baby quilt and Put n Take blocks ( courtesy of Amy at a previous retreat) turned into a small quilt, freshly washed and out of the dryer. 

What a great long weekend spent with friends and women who share the same interest in beautiful fabrics and making 'stuff'.  Good food, good laughs, good people!   Thank you Jacqi, from Keep Me In Stitches and Amy, The Fabricologist for organizing these events!