Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Simply dyeing...successfully

The results of my simply dyeing were very successful.  These are all damask linens.   Just about everything I dyed looked very good.  My process was to soak all my fabric to be dyed in soda ash plus water.  See the previous post for ratio of soda ash per gallon of water.  Soak the fabric 20 minutes minimum before applying the dye.  The dye powder was mixed 2Tbsp. of dye powder per 8oz. of water.  Dyes were put into squirt bottles.  Dye was applied to the fabrics randomly.  Squirt until it feels right, mixing colors at will.  No adding soda ash water after 20 minutes.  Just 1) Soak 2) Squirt 3) Set out in sun for 3-4 hours 4) Let sit 24 hours 5) Rinse in cool water 6) Wash in washer with small amount of Synthropol.  Also prewash all fabric in Synthropol before soaking. 

I'm using a "not so great" camera so my pictures don't do the fabric justice. 

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Connie Rose said...

They're gorgeous, Pat. But did you really use 2 TBSP of dye powder to 8 oz water? That's an absolutely enormous amount of dye...or did you mean 2 tsp?