Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Sky if Falling, or is it just Nuts?

The nuts are falling from the trees, knocking me on the head, telling me its time to dye, its time to dye! I've done absolutely no regular dyeing and no rust dyeing this summer. I ordered silk scarves several weeks ago so I was prepared.  I gathered up some acorns, some pine needles, some leaves.   

 We had that really nice day in October where the temps reached 70+ degrees.  That was the day to dye.

I did some bundle dyeing like I did last year with Shelley Ryan, The Wisconsin Gardener at The Flying Pig Gallery and Garden in Algoma.   I used the nuts I gathered, some black walnuts, some black walnut soup (water + walnuts), assorted dry teas, turmeric, vinegars and some wire to wrap them up.  Placed them in zip lock bags and now I need to wait about a month and see what develops.  Hopefully something beautiful...

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