Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Dali

"My Dali" was inspired by the surrealistic style of Salvadore Dali. This piece was entered into the "Quilting is Art" event sponsored by Milwaukee Public Television, Patched Works of Elm Grove and Bigsby Sewing Center of the Milwaukee area. All entries will be displayed at the 2010 Greater Milwaukee Realtors Home and Garden Show (March 19-27, 2010).

The purpose of this contest is to showcase quilting as an art form as part of the 2010 Channel 10 Great TV Auction. Work is judged on overall creativity, representation of the theme, construction and innovation in approach and design.

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Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Pat this is totally Dali. Great job. I had heard of that show and just did not have the time to try to make something for consideration.

Your fabric and great use of color and value is amazing.

Love your abstract work and am happy to hear there are more and more opportunities for the general public to see art quilts.