Monday, November 30, 2009

Check out Laurie Ceesay's new Website

Laurie is a friend who used to live in Appleton but now lives in Menominee, Michigan. Her brand new website showcases her cool pop art fashionista portraits and more. To me her quilts are reminiscent of the colorful playful art of the late sixties. Her work is bright, bold, exciting and like nothing else out there in the world of art quilts. My favorites are: "1974: Good Hair", "Dandelion Fairy 1" and "Pop Art Princess". "Pop Art Princess" makes me think of Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss". Take a peek, it will be worth your while. What's your favorite?


Robbie said...

Blue Wig and Biba I are my favorites! Although, I'm with you..Laurie does GREAT work! I'm a big fan and I made sure to post on our SAQA blog about her new web site! she deserves the recognition.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Thank you for sharing your friends website. Love her use of hot colors!

Anonymous said...

She's pretty freakin amazing!!!! I love her modern take on quilting! Maybe someday I can be as cool and talented as her!? (Not sure if that's where I'm going to make time to go....)