Sunday, August 9, 2009

Twisted Sisters

A few weeks ago our group of girlfriends had our annual summer weekend getaway. There are six of us, some of us have been getting together for more than 10 years. We always have a good time talking stupid, eating, some drinking (not so much anymore), playing games, and other girlie type stuff. We used to camp in tents, then campers, now its mostly cottages or hotels. We all have alias's so as not to get our true selves in trouble.

This year we had a gift exchange where everyone had to find, steal, barter, make, purchase from thrift shops, rummage sales, whatever a gift for each person using the first and last intials of the giftee's "real" name. I got a lot of Purple Beads and no Peanut Butter, which I was expecting. Also I received a Preying mantis Bug, Pear Bath soap and other items I can't recall at the moment. It was inexpensive and a lot of fun.


Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Your back! You and your friends look to be having such a fun time.
What a great idea of gift giving. I am already coming up with ideas for my friends.

Love the finished quilts and the quilting that you did. I will not tell anyone about the glue.

Maybe will see you for the August speaker coming up.

Jess said...

I now understand the Praying mantis Bug at the cottage. I'm sorry I didn't pay attention earlier... I think I just looked at pictures! LOL