Saturday, June 6, 2009

Inspired To Get Back at It! As in Art!!!

I've been inspired by my new Internet friend, Barbara Strobel Landor from Plymouth, WI who is an extremely talented art quilter AND diligent blogger. Check her out at: I was amazed when I found her and realized I had never heard of her since she is so talented and lives so close by. She has gotten me determined to continue writing about my creative life. So here goes again...

In May, 2009 my guild, Darting Needles Quilt Guild of Appleton, WI hosted Cynthia Corbin from Washington State. We had three days of classes with Cynthia and it was a real treat. Check out her site at Besides being a talented artist Cynthia is so down to earth, sweet, funny, kind and a real inspiration to me. I have been working on the pieces I started in her class and am very excited about the energy it has given me.

Cynthia works in a "seat of the pants" method, where you just go for it with a few rules and see what happens. She is an excellent mentor. If you ever get the chance to work with Cynthia I highly recommend it. She got me started in my very first series. I have been wanting to do more abstract work and feel that I have gotten a handle on it in this beginning series.
This is the third piece I did in my series but its the smallest at about 5 x 7 inches, therefore making it the first candidate for quilting and finishing due to its small size. Its made of scraps of silk mostly and was pieced in a record 15 minutes. Ta da!!! "#4 in the She Series". My goal for today is to work on #2 in the She Series and get it quilted and bound. Very lofty goal for one day, but it doesn't hurt to dream. I'll be back later when I'm finished. Today is a great day to spend indoors anyway due to the gloomy chilly weather. And--- I'm proud of myself for getting this post done. Yeah for me!!! Thanks Barbara.

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Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Pat, every once in a while I google my name. Obviously it is not often since when I did it tonight, up comes this post by you that I missed and therefore never commented about. Is a thank you ever too late?

Thank you for your generous comments and I am honored if "I" influenced "you" in any small way.